Are Cryptos really worth something ?

Are Cryptocurrencies really that disparate from dollars or others currencies ?

Now the real question : how do you estimate how much a cryptocurrency is worth ?

In reality all methods are quite subjectives or theoretical

  • What is the history of the currency?
  • Is there a hack history ? especially lately?
  • Does it consistently generate results?
  • How great is the team running the project ?
  • How much is there hype around it and is there potential for improvement?
  • Buy frequently, each monday, some cryptocurrencies using the dollar cost averaging method. Meaning, each time you invest, the same amount in your investment portfolio with little regards to prices.
  • Stack the crypto i want to keep. Stacking is simply send some coins to an exchange to gain interest on it. I use Nexo but there are many other services you can use
  • and recently i started trading.



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Guillaume Valici

Guillaume Valici


Former doctor, with more than ten years experience in investing and financially free. I share the knowledge i learned and gain along the way.